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A creative way to force interoperability because regulations take ages in doing it πŸ˜†
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The Critical Mass problem's_law .

          The law has often been illustrated using the example of fax machines:  a single fax machine is useless, but the value of every fax machine increases with the total number of fax machines in the network , because the total number of people with whom each user may send and receive documents increases. Likewise, in social networks, the greater the number of users with the service, the more valuable the service becomes to the community.

In a social network, number of nodes and number of content might be slightly equivalent: so, let's copy them outside of Facebook, or any other monopolist, and do what we call data liberation!

Experiment N. 1

πŸ” A browser extension to scrape events from Facebook

✨ And repost them into Mobilizone.

πŸ’‘ Naming and design are still work in progress.

Facebook of course doesn't help

πŸ’€Heavily obfuscated HTML

πŸ€–Require some automated interaction but also be logged as Facebook user

πŸŽ“In the hackathon you'll see how to scrape at the next level, and how to integrate with mobilizon API.

Experiment N. 2

πŸ™mobilizon-reshare, from the Tech Workers Coalition

✨ It watches what you post on your mobilizon account, and reposts it somewhere else

πŸ’‘ You can use your presence on proprietary social networks to attract users towards liberated tools under your control

πŸ““ blogpost: Supercharge your events using mobilizon and mobilizon reshare , and code .

Publish in Mobilizone

Reshare in Telegram (or somewhere else)

Data liberation running since last year! Hackathon

On Saturday, June 11, 2022 from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM, c-base

Design, Discuss, Test, Liberate data!

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